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I recently had the chance to take a look at the professional version of Codelobster PHP Edition. For those who may not know it: Codelobster is an IDE specialized on PHP development. Since HTML, CSS and JS are mostly always  needed when working with PHP it also includes good support for them.

The IDE is available in two different versions a free one and a professional one. While the free version features mostly everything one might know from other IDEs, the professional version has some neat support for the most famous PHP CMSs (Drupal, Joomla and WordPress), Frameworks (Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, facebook API, yii framework, smarty), jQuery and an SQL Manager to make the developers life even more easier, than by just using those frameworks.

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PHPUnit: use different dataset on every test in a testcase

PHPUnit offers the possibility to perform tests based in database fixtures. The common way is like described in the PHPUnit documentation.

But what if you just want to have a small and different dataset on every test?
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Convert phpmyadmin to phpunit xml format

It is always a pain to create datasets for testing. I know the code should make it possible to test without using the database, but this is not always the case. Phpmyadmin offers a good possibility to create datasets by exporting the needed data from a database. The problem here is that the exported format does not match the format needed for phpunit. After digging a while in the net I found out, that there are converters to do this, but they are for older versions of phpmyadmin. Since version 3.3.0 they changed their xml format.

So I decided to create my own converter:

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PHP MySQL Chaining

In my last article I wrote about the new Lambda functions of PHP 5.3. Today I will talk about another cool feature. Since PHP version 5.3 it is possible to let functions return objects. This makes chaining like in JavaScript possible.
It is fairly simple: the function just has to return $this in the end and the next function can be added via ->.
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Master Thesis submitted

Finally submitted my master thesis. Have a look if you want: Online XML Editor Based On XML Schema

This master thesis introduces a mechanism of mapping XML Schema (XSD) to PHP. In the mapping process PHP classes are automatically generated which include all the functionality defined by the schema. The second achievement is an online syntax-directed editor based on the above defined mapping to friendly create Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents based on the mapped schema. In addition the editor offers several guidance mechanisms to create complex XML documents online.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.


Extending DOMNode

Sometimes you may think: Wouldn’t it be cool if I can extend DOMNode and since all other functions extend DOMNode, my custon functions will be available in every element?

The bad news, it will not work for DOMNode, but the other elements which extend from it.
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