Review: Codelobster PHP Edition

Professional Version

As mentioned before: The professional version of Codelobster comes with several plug-ins that help developers with their work. While there a many different plug-ins I will just mention the ones I have used so far: namely jQuery, WordPress and the SQL Manager.

I may add more information when I tried out more features.


Interesting about the jQuery plug-in is that the code assist not only works for the normal parsed JS file of jQuery, but it also offers classes and ids from the created html documents in the correct jQuery syntax.


The wordpress plug-in lets one setup a new wordpress blog to start developing. Just like in the jQuery plug-in mentioned before the code assist offers not only functions from the parsed wordpress files but also possible arguments for these functions. This is a really nice feature, since the developer otherwise would have to dig in the net to find the possible string values that are allowed in a specific function.

SQL Manager

The SQL manager offers code assist on writing SQL statements and the possiblity to test them right away on the database. Therefore the developer has to set up a connection to the database. The created SQL statements can be run on that connection and the result is displayed in a table.

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