Review: Codelobster PHP Edition

Free Version

I will in following just present things that are special compared to other IDEs. The free version of Codelobster covers most of the features that one would expect from a free IDE (Syntax Highlighting in Css, JS and HTML; Code Assist).

A full list of these features can be found here.

HTML Editor

Among the standard features like code highlighting, pair highlighting (highlights open and close tags of html elements) and autocomplete there are two things that stand out.

  1. Navigation when holding CTRL key and
  2. Image tooltips


Navigation is a nice features because it lets you open connected files like css and js files directly from a html document. This saves time and one may find spelling or path mistakes right away in case the navigation isn’t working.

Image Tooltips

Image tooltips show the connected image of <img> elements as popup when pointing the mouse at src path. This can also help to find spelling or path mistakes pretty fast

Css Inspector

The Css Inspector is like a build-in firebug. One can preview created HTML documents and find html elements and their respective css styles just by pointing on them with the mouse.

PHP Debugger

Codelobster includes also a full-fledged PHP debugger with breakpoints, watches and the ability to monitor the insides of local and global variables.

What can I expect of the Professional Version? –>